March 2, 2012

What do you think?

Tomorrow we are having a small celebration to announce the genders of our babies!!  No cake cutting gender reveal, just something simple but surrounded by our close family.  I can't wait to see so many of our loved ones gathered around cheering and making guesses about our babies to be.

So here I am only 18 weeks pregnant but looking more like I did at 26 weeks with the Jbear.




Joel thinks 2 girls but I am still undecided.  In 24 hours we will know the answer!!!!

the envelopes we are bringing to the ultrasound

2 boy signs and 2 girl signs for a little game that I want to play tomorrow.

And here is the sweet little video my nephew took of our gender reveal 2.5 years ago!

I would love to know what you think!  


  1. SO so many congrats to you guys! I seriously CANNOT believe you are having twins! How crazy?!? Can you tell us how you reacted to finding out? Two little girls would be fun so that's my guess (depending entirely on how fun it would be to dress two little girls). And btw, you look so gorg in these pics, that dress is really pretty.


    1. Thanks so much Shannon! I'm so grateful that my friend likes to shop and gave me a lot of her clothes that don't fit her anymore.

      I wish I recorded our sonogram when we found out but if I can articulate it well enough I'll definitely do a blog post about when we got the news.

  2. I think one boy and one girl. I am SO excited to find out. I wish we could be there with you to share in the joy of the moment!

  3. Are you hoping for certain genders?
    So exciting!!!

    1. I am hoping for a boy and a girl because it's most likely they are fraternal (even though we don't know for sure). I just love the idea of boy and girl twins but I do have 2 boys names picked out and have NONE for girls.

  4. go with boyish girls names. obviously i am a fan of those unisex names .:)


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